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Site Management and Construction Services

From the platform of laboring in the pineapple fields to Leading Concrete Contractors, Keith & Matthew Kaneshiro opened Universal Matrix, LLC April of 2012. With the financial help from family and all their assets on the line, they started with a pickup truck, wheel barrow, some hand tools and their construction knowledge and have never looked back.

Site Management & Construction Services

Over 40 Years Experience!


The Universal Matrix team has been crafting and building homes since 2012. Due to the complexity and detail we put into our work as a standard, we will take only one project at a time. The project ranges from extensive renovations to high-end, custom-built homes. From contemporary to traditional, whatever style you choose, the overall goal is to reflect the personality and lifestyle of the homeowner, which makes each of our custom-built homes unique. Our core company belief is that personal attention and communication are the keys to a successful and positive building experience. Matthew’s collaborative involvement with the homeowner and architect from the onset of each project creates a solid foundation that sets the stage for a smooth, efficient build.


The Experienced Kitchen Remodeler: The kitchen is the most important room of the home. It is where families & friends gather to cook, laugh and love. Let Universal Matrix remodel your kitchen into a forever space that works for you and your family. As your expert kitchen remodeler, Universal Matrix commitment is to Build our Clients Vision.

Your Trusted Bathroom Remodeler: With over 40-years of combined bathroom renovations – Universal Matrix is your State of Hawaii bathroom expert. It is our mission to create a bathroom from traditional, modern to Senior ADA-Compliant functional bathrooms. At Universal Matrix we are here to serve you.

New Addition Contractor: Need more Room? Enclose a Patio/Lanai? 2nd Floor Addition? Allow the Universal Matrix Team to guide you through the process and make it happen. Whatever your new addition needs are, we’d be honored to turn your vision into a Reality.


Site Managers
We offer Property managers, board of directors, owners, tenants, lenders and equity investors a proven force of site management professionals capable of properly managing and maintaining project equilibrium throughout the site management process and best practices.

Residential Managers
Resident managers are your “In-House” property manager employees whose primary function is to establish a culture of “Community” by promoting this environment with everyone on property. Acting as a concierge or liaison available for condominium board of directors, owners and tenants by assisting with property by-laws, house rules and property best practices.

Temporary Site Manager
We are here to serve your condo association as your personal on-call site managers who are available for short term 1-week to 3-month contracts while your resident or property managers are on leave or vacation.


Concrete Driveways

ADA Ramps


Irrigation and lawn


Sewer, drain and pipe

Solar Energy Systems

New Foundations

Preventive Maintenance


Our clients either require about Infill-Management, or prefer to outsource their entire development program to our Construction Project Management Team. UNIVERSAL MATRIX is equipped to provide professionals to manage either the complete effort or any portion requiring our expertise. UNIVERSAL MATRIX assists our clients in becoming knowledgeable regarding all issues and provides guidance with respect to helping our clients be more effective when making management decisions. We offer varying levels of participation beginning before design and continuing through construction and occupancy (see below). Regardless of UNIVERSAL MATRIX level of involvement, our goal is to create an atmosphere of cooperation throughout the design, construction and post-construction phases of the project. We are qualified to provide the following construction management services: