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Designed to serve as an extension of the owner’s staff, Universal Matrix staff of professionals is equipped to ensure that established goals of quality, scope, budget and schedule are met. Our role and responsibilities are separate and distinct from the designer and constructor. We are your construction manager with your best interests as our driving force.

Our clients either require infill management, or prefer to outsource their entire development program. Universal Matrix is equipped to provide professionals to manage either the complete effort or any portion requiring our expertise. Universal Matrix assists our clients in becoming knowledgeable regarding all issues and provides guidance with respect to helping our clients be more effective when making management decisions. We offer varying levels of participation beginning before design and continuing through construction and occupancy (see below). Regardless of Universal Matrix level of involvement, our goal is to create an atmosphere of cooperation throughout the design, construction and post construction phases of the project. We are qualified to provide the following construction management services:


  • Conduct a conceptual meeting to understand the project goals.
  • Assist with planning, zoning, building, utility company and health department requirements.
  • Assist with architect and engineer selections, as well as negotiations of contracts.
  • Assist with site selection and/or analysis.
  • Engage consultants to prepare the required site survey, soils analysis and environmental surveys.


  • Call and chair the design coordination meetings.
  • Document and report the results of these meetings.
  • Monitor estimates of cost during each phase of design.
  • Conduct on-going value engineering reviews to maximize scope.
  • Perform peer review of your design consultants to ensure appropriate design.
  • Undertake a constructability review prior to release of documents to bidders.


  • Market the project to attract the best qualified contractors.
  • Conduct the pre-bid conference.
  • Lead or assist with the bid opening.
  • Review and spread the bids and make award recommendations.
  • Lead or assist with contract preparation and negotiations.


  • Conduct the pre-construction conference.
  • Call and chair the regular project team meetings.
  • Document and report project status.
  • Maintain the project budget.
  • Monitor the progress and quality of construction.
  • Review and negotiate change orders.
  • Monitor MBE/WBE/DBE due diligence and certified payroll recording.
  • Secure required close-out documents from the contractor.
  • Assist with finalizing and occupying your new facility.

Our Team

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